Ann Bollin for Michigan State Representative

The Issues

Where I Stand

Livingston County is my home and I am committed to keeping it the best place to raise a family, live, work and play.
— Ann Bollin

Jobs and Life Skills

When people are working and families are strong - everyone is better off!  We need to do all we can to create a prosperous business environment and keep families together.  We have a community mental health crisis that is keeping people out of work and eroding families. We must have strong economic development policies that benefit all job providers and community mental health programs that provide individuals with what they need to be successful and productive citizens. 

Jobs and the Economy

Small business is the lifeblood of any community.  I will work hard to: 

o   Build a strong business environment and create a level playing field by eliminating programs that favor one industry over another.  

o   Repeal prevailing wage laws that hinder competitive bidding and drive up the cost of public projects.

o   Reduce regulations that burden small businesses. 

o   Lower auto insurance rates and pursue comprehensive auto insurance reform that is affordable for all.

o   Address complicated occupational licensing requirements.

o   Expand technical and vocational education opportunities to address the skilled trades gap


Families are the integral part of any community and we need to support policies that promote families, not hinder them.  

o   Roll back the State Income Tax.

o   Address community mental health issues.  The CARES task force report outlines things we can start doing immediately to better respond to the need in our community for all persons.  

o   Ensure parents can choose the educational path that best suits their children.

Roads and Infrastructure

Roads and Infrastructure should be one of our top priorities. This includes roads, bridges, water and sewer infrastructure. The 2015 legislation will continue to provide an increased revenue stream to address our major roads and critical bridges but it will not solve the problem of unmet water and sewer infrastructure needs.  We need to have a broad discussion on how we are going to address the unmet needs.

o   Roads: It’s time to amend Public Act 51.  Livingston County is 83rd in funding out of 83 counties and is still one of the fastest growing counties in the State.  Long term solutions are needed and the amending the existing funding allocations under PA 51 would be a start.

o   Build better roads and enforce warranties.

o   Subdivision Roads: The condition of subdivision roads is becoming a major issue impacting property values, family budgets and emergency services. Public subdivision roads are the responsibility of Cities and the County Road Commission.  Townships have no responsibility for roads yet are pursuing local millages to address the failing roads.  These monies are being leveraged to repair primary and secondary roads but do not consider public and private subdivision roads.  State funding to cities has diminished and property value reductions seen during the recession greatly impacted local efforts to maintain the road systems.  Having a broader conversation on roads, including subdivision roads and how they are funded, needs to be part of the PA 51 conversation.

o   Direct funding – We need to consider how we can route the funds directly to the Agency they were intended.  This would eliminate unnecessary layers of government and create greater efficiency and cost savings.

o   Water and Sewer – We have aging infrastructure, including large and small systems, throughout the State.  Any program developed at the State level needs to address all systems and provide equitable solutions: No more picking winners and losers.

o Avoid over-regulation – Any response to a problem needs to avoid knee-jerk reaction with a deliberate discussion with the how, why, and when questions being answered. 

Fiscally Conservative Principles

Michigan needs to end wasteful spending, prioritize its spending, and reduce debt.

o   Budget: I will work hard to prioritize spending to ensure we live within our means, push for zero-based budgeting at the department level and press for spending accountability. 

o   The People’s Checkbook: The state's checkbook belongs to the people. Brighton Township was the first township to adopt a resolution committing to fiscal transparency. Now, the checkbook, financial reports, budget, and audits - they are all online. We need to start holding Lansing accountable.

o   Unfunded mandates and erosion of local government: Changes made at the State level can have a far-reaching impact on businesses and local government.  Federal and state driven policies often resemble unfunded mandates. My experience will help me identify these breaches before they become law. 

o   Get rid of antiquated laws: We have antiquated laws on the books.  On the surface it may not seem like a lot of money but by continuously identifying and eliminating them over time can have an impact.  Let's work to get rid of senseless laws - not make more laws.

Election Integrity

Election integrity matters.  We need to ensure that we have fair, not fixed, elections. 

o   Election Integrity can only happen through a system of accountability and participation. I will continue to work hard to guard against voter fraud.  

o   I support efforts to increase voter turnout by those individuals eligible to vote. 

o   All millage questions need to be placed on a ballot that will have the broadest participation.    

o   I oppose same day registration

o   I support photo ID requirements.

o   Post-election audits need to be conducted for all elections and they need to be performed by the Secretary of State/Bureau of Elections.


Every child should have full access to a quality education that best prepares them to reach their maximum potential and parents should have the right to determine which education model best suits their individual child/children.  These models are best determined at the local level - not by the federal government. Expanding schools of choice and models to meet the demands of an ever-changing world will ensure our state’s most precious and valuable resource, our children, are well positioned for success.


Michigan is an important farming state and Livingston County specifically is home to many large farms. Farming competes with tourism as the #2 spot in Michigan’s economy and generates billions of dollars in economic activity.  We need to support local farmers and the agricultural industry so they can keep growing our economy..



I believe in the sanctity of life and that human life begins at conception and ends at natural death and will always vote accordingly.

2nd Amendment

I support the Second Amendment - the freedom to bear arms is an important individual right granted by the United States Constitution and I will always vote accordingly.